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Clothing and products are produced in accordance with international standards and frameworks for working conditions and human rights. Decisions on every a be to be produced is taken not on the basis which country it is without which specific characteristics the product shall have.

SA 8000 is an auditable certification standard that encourages organizations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace. All of our factories have this factory certification. The standard is based on the ILO core conventions, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention. 

Geggamoja not own any factories, but has about 10 different suppliers in 6 different countries. Most of the suppliers is just as we family business that cherish about good and long term relationships. We make an annual visit to our factories. 

Products of spills. For to reduce environmental impact and spills in our production, we use leftover pieces from our the clothing production, we have multiple products that are unique of its kind.


Geggamoja have goal to become Sweden most environmentally sustainable children clothes company . We are proud of that over 80% of our product range consists of sustainable materials.

By sustainable materials we mean material that are carefully selected and a little influence on the envoroment and the people living on this earth. Production of materials and products will always have a impact on the environment and people. Geggamojas responsibility is to find carefully selected suppliers, who together with Us takes forward a qualitative and sustainable product. There are many ways to marketing and notice a organic product. Many trademarks says itself provide an ecological product that "sustainable" or "organic", even if it only consists of 5% organic cotton. On Geggamoja we mark only our products as organic when the product contains at least 80% organic cotton. We are involved in entire process - from raw material to finished product - and we are always looking for new sustainable materials and innovations for to make it even simpler to take forward sustainable and justice products.


In order for you as a customer to feel safe in your choices, we have a variety of certifications and labels on our products. In our production we follow all standards and regulations required to sell products. Geggamoja is today one of 10 companies in Sweden that are GOTS Certified. CU Number 836946
GOTS Geggamoja is a GOTS certified company, not just our suppliers



Bionic Finish ECO®


All of our wind and water-repellent outer garments have Bionic Finish ECO® treatment. It is an ecological treatment that mimics a process in nature that branches polymers that change the surface structure of the textile fibers. Reminiscent of bird feathers. It is completely free of harmful substances such as lactic acid, formaldehyde and paraffin.. 

Bionic Finish Eco



Geggamoja is today one of 10 companies in Sweden that are GOTS Certified.

CU number 836946.
GOTS is the most recognized certification of organically grown cotton. GOTS sets requirements for the entire manufacturing process, cultivation, harvesting, manufacturing and packaging. GOTS also includes social rules and requirements for all people who are included in the chain regarding e.g. working environment, wages, working hours and child labour.




When we create a product, for various reasons it cannot be produced with a GOTS certification - then we usually choose to produce the product in organic or sustainable materials instead of traditional materials. We label these products with Organic

Ekologiskt val



Made in Woolmark®-certified merino wool. The symbol stands for first-class quality during the entire expected life cycle of the product. Consumers who choose Woolmark can be sure that they are getting an exclusive product that they will enjoy for a long time. Woolmark's wool is mulesing free.