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Here you will find underwear in cotton and bamboo for children of all ages. The bamboo fabric is soft, pliable and comfortable against the skin. The bamboo fabric breathes, and it feels cool and comfortable when it is warm, - warm and soft if you are cold. The material is extra good for children with sensitive skin as it has natural antiseptic properties. As a icing on the cake, bamboo is a good environmental choice. It is grown completely without pesticides and is 100% biodegradable.

Under each product you have a size guide that will help you buy the right size of children's underwear. There you will also find material descriptions for each product. Shopping for children's clothes and baby clothes online should be simple, flexible and practical.

If you have any questions about your purchase of children's clothing, please contact us at our customer service via kundtjanst@geggamoja.com, or chatt. Please check our FAQ for answer on your questions.

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Bamboo boxer 2-pack Green Frog
Bamboo boxer 2-pack Green Frog
17,26€ 24,66€
Bamboo boxer 2-pack Ice cream mint
Bamboo boxer 2-pack Ice cream mint
7,52€ 24,66€
2-pack boxer Dots
2-pack boxer Dots
12,28€ 24,66€
2-pack boxer Buggs
2-pack boxer Buggs
18,49€ 24,66€
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